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Online Payment Processing

Payments can be made via credit card and Check by Phone on our automated secure on-line payment system with just one touch of a button on the Global website.

Accounts Payable Service


Businesses usually require an entire department to manage the payment of invoices and track expenses. It is expensive and time consuming utilizing resources that are needed to run the organization.  Global manages Payables as an extension of many businesses reducing overhead and extra payroll expenses.  





In cases where litigation is necessary for recovery Global handles all the details.  Global will evaluate each account to see if the assistance of the courts is warranted; ie: does the amount of the claim make economic sense to file suit?  Is there enough supporting evidence and documentation to present the case? 

When our investigation is complete we present the case to the client for consideration including the costs and fees.  Global only procedes with legal action with the client's written approval.  Cases are assigned using our attorney forwarding network.

Credit Reporting


Global Control reports to the Transunion Credit Bureau on accounts that are ninety days past due if our collection efforts haven't resulted in recovery. 

Having the client listed on a debtors credit report prompts the debtor to contact our office to make the appropriate payment arrangements to have the item removed from the report.  This feature produces payments when debtors are seeking financing or trying to manage their credit.

All non-disputed claims reported to the credit bureau are in compliance with the FCRA / Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Account Status Reports


Every client receives a Monthly Account Status Report that details all activity for each account.  Our constant communication with the debtor ensures that there is a lot of information that can change quickly; our clients are encouraged to contact Global with specific account questions or concerns at any time.  Unlike the large 'collection mills' that use auto-dialing systems for debtor contact that have several collectors working accounts they are unfamiliar with; Global has a single collector devoted to an account from beginning to end.  Our clients are able to speak directly with the collection specialist working their account.

NSF Check Program


Several of our clients utilize our NSF Check Program where the funds are returned to the client with a collection fee that is paid by the check writer.  Our program consists of a placard placed at the point of sale for retail and consumer accounts stating " There will be a $25.00 charge on returned checks, in addition to collection fees from Global Control, Inc."  The $25.00 fee is added to the outstanding check amount and the client receives the outstanding check balance plus the $25 fee; Global charges a flat collection fee.  Many clients opt to arrange that all NSF Checks are sent directly to Global for prompt collection activity.

FDCPA / HIPPA Compliant

Each and every contact with the debtor is handled according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  By using our service you can be sure that your accounts are being handled in accordance with the law.  Our skilled collectors work to reach a successful outcome by working with the debtor with care and compassion, taking the time to create that WIN - WIN situation for the client and debtor. 

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