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Global Control, Inc. originated in 1995 in Geneva, Ohio serving Northeast Ohio as a third-party debt collection agency focusing on medical, dental, banks, municipalites, service providers, commercial and consumer accounts.  Steady growth and the implementation of specialized collection technology has enabled Global to offer successful recoveries at rates far above the national average. Global manages Accounts Payable &  Past Due accounts for virtually any organization that extends credit and needs receivables management services.  Global charges a contingency fee which is a percentage of the amount collected; If we don't succeed in collecting there is no fee!

Our method is unique to the industry in that our collectors are not paid commissions or bonuses for the amount of phone calls that are made, rather collectors are encouraged to take the time it takes on each account no matter how large or small the balance.  Unlike the large collection mills we do not use predictive dialers and auto dial technology that takes the personal contact away between the consumer and the collector. 


Although we specialize in processing large volumes of accounts, our small home-town values and personalized approach to collections enables us to treat smaller accounts with the attention to detail that they deserve.  We offer consumers convenient payment plans that are tailored to their individual financial situation.  Sometimes unfortunate things such as job loss, medical issues or family emergencies affect the debtors ability to pay and we recognize that. 

We offer financial counseling to consumers in difficult situations that have shown that even when money is tight our client is at the top of the list for payment.  Using Global shows your customers that you are not throwing them to the wolves, but placing their account with a fair and thorough mediator that works to preserve relationships while recovering maximum returns for your organization.  

In fact, it is very common for consumers to contact our clients to thank them for using Global as we treat people with respect and take the time to listen.  Our goal is to provide each client with a recovery service that preserves relationships by acting as a fair and thorough mediator.

Call us today and let us begin collecting Past-Due accounts for your organization!
Sonia D. Hambleton - Founder

Sonia's experience in accounts management began in 1982 in the banking industry collecting and managing collection departments for banks and Consumer Finance Companies in Northeast Ohio.  Hambleton recognized the need for an Accounts Payable & Collections service that focused on local businesses and provides home-town service with home-town values.  As owner - operator she has her finger on the pulse of each and every contact that is made to Global's clients as well as debtors to be sure that her vision of personalized service is a reality.  With training and experience in court mediations Hambleton employs professionalism in every debtor interface to ensure that the rights of both the client and debtor are protected.


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